Medicare Supplement Plans: Star Ratings

The first and foremost thing to understand is that what do the star ratings mean? Well, Medicare assigns new star ratings to the Medicare Supplement Plans annually so that it becomes easier for people to spot the best Medicare Supplement Plans from uglier ones. Following are some of the types of Medicare Plans to which the star rating applies:

  • Medicare Supplement Plans (the way to receive benefits of Original Medicare along with some supplemental benefits).  Get a quote at supplement plan G 2019
  • Health insurance Part D Prescription Drug schemes (this plan is used to include the prescription drug coverage to your Original Medicare)
  • A variant of Medicare Supplement Plans known as Medicare Supplement schemes which are only available in specific areas of country.

The stars are rated on a scale from 1 (which denotes poor quality) to 5(which denote excellent quality). Plans are rated on basis of information which is gained from member satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction, customer reviews, and plans. Schemes are rated by Medicare in distinct categories and assign an overall rating to every scheme.

Star measure

Plans which provide coverage for healthcare their star rating tells the quality of service that is being offered by them. Following things are taken into account while checking scheme:

  • Service delivery to members of scheme such as member screening tests, and vaccination.
  • How does plan deal with long-term problems (chronic problems) like diabetes, ESRD, etc. and how many times, does member use specific tests?
  • What is level of customer satisfaction with respective plan?
  • What type of problems did members face with particular plan and did that plan improve after those complaints?
  • What is level of plan’s customer service?

However, plans which provide coverage for prescription drugs are judged differently than simpler schemes:

  • Their customer service is taken into account.
  • Change after complaints are recorded.
  • Customer reviews to plan after quite some time.
  • Are prices of drugs correct?
  • Does plan take safety into account?

You might be confused right now that how does health insurance rate schemes which offer both healthcare and drug coverage? Well, answer to that question is a very simple one because such plans are rated on basis of all aspects mentioned above of a plan. In case you want to know that what is star rating of a particular scheme? Then you can visit plan provider’s website and can browse to compare health insurance schemes option, and in this way, you can judge a plan within some moments.